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Ealing Road is like a little slice of India right here in the UK. Set in the heart of Wembley, it is famous for gold and saree shopping, as well as food markets and restaurants. One investor wanted to open a new food concept which was very authentic and also gave the people who came in a little more luxury than was typically offered down the rest of Ealing Road. With a great location on the street, all he needed was a name and a touch of style.


The investor involved loved Mumbai, a major city in India, and in some shape or form wanted that as part of the name. When we looked at the gutted out restaurant property, it was very long and narrow, and after doing the brand values workshops we came up with an idea to recreate the space as the inside of a train carriage, as that is something India is famous for. There is a train that serves Mumbai, which is constantly packed, called The Mumbai Local, this is what we wanted to call the restaurant.

From here, we also derived the tagline, Intense Street Food of India, to reflect the authentic nature of the food as well as the sensations and hustle and bustle that we wanted to create within the space. We also created a series of posters that went inside the space, alongside some Bollywood reprints that we sourced.

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