Brand is a barrier to entry

There are many legal ways you can create a barrier to the competition… In essence, these are the keys to creating a monopoly, and you always want to be in a monopoly-based situation, or close enough to it, as that is a license to print money!!!! For example, a patent is a legal barrier that […]

How Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs relates to brands

Think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs through the lens of brands and what it means… Maslow came up with his famous model back in the 1940s and it still has massive relevance today used as a theory of motivation. It has been the foundation for many other theories of human developmental psychology. Where it draws […]

The branding of Manchester City

Sheikh Mansour purchased Manchester City in 2008. 2016 Pep became the manager and started their dominant run. From 2017 City also started their dominance off the pitch… Their commercial success grew over 50% in the period 2017 to 2023 and at the same time their social media profile also almost trebled!!! Comparatively, you look at […]

It’s the way you make me feel!

Putting on a pair of Ray-Bans does something to you, even though it is just a cheap bit of plastic!!! That is the power of being a brand. Turning dull or ordinary products or services and making them desirable. Making you feel special when you wear them!!! Think how you can make your business more […]

Great brand, great business

There are three levels to brand and business… 1. You have a good product or service 2. You have a brand that distinguishes you from your competitors 3. You have a successful brand that allows you to charge a price premium and to be preferred in the mind of the consumer By being a great […]

Are you rational?

We all believe we are rational, made of pure logic and everything we do makes sense, it’s only other people who are emotional, irrational, and impetuous… I’ll let you into a little secret. We are all irrational but none of us like to admit it!!! We are not irrational all the time, in particular situations, […]

The truth

When I came across this statement it was like a eureka moment for me… It encapsulated so much of what I had learned and experienced in the world of brand creation and it summed it up so perfectly. It is an undeniable truth!!! Think about it, we almost had World War III on the basis […]

Where do you belong?

We all start our business journeys from a point of inspiration, taking a brave step, quitting the status quo of employment. That makes us all adventurers. Individuals who are willing to throw a bit of caution to the wind and take risks. With growth and success comes a bit of comfort. No longer the need […]

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Shakespeare is 100% right! That is if we lived in the 16th Century… A bit of humor but that is a priceless business lesson by Groucho Marx!!! Marx statement reveals a lot more about the world we live in today. A world where brand matters and where we choose products and services based on the […]

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